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The World of Work by Helena Pechova- How to write a CV that would stand out?

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Thank you Jessica Silva for giving me a chance to add my point of view on how to write a CV.

Let's say you are newly resided in Czechia and thinking about finding a job.

In this article, I am trying to gather my knowledge and experience which I have got as an HR specialist, job seeker and finally as a member of the Career Centre of Czech Technical University in Prague.

Note that everybody has a different opinion and taste when it comes to CV but this article should be a good start in working on your Resume.

What is the point of a CV? 

To stand out, introduce your personality, experience and uniqueness.

Bear it in mind and try to keep the CV visually simple (unless you are applying for some graphic design or other specific jobs where you should show your creativity) and grammatically correct.

In case you are a student or a fresh graduate your CV should not be longer than one page.

I recommend having one draft of the CV with all experience and then every time for each job position you want to apply for creating a personalised CV using that draft. The personalised CV should be written according to the job description of the position. Highlight the keywords such as specific competencies or work experience and if it fits with your competencies and experience do not forget to add it.

The suggested structure would be:

  • Contact details

Simply just write your full name, email address and phone number. It is highly recommended to insert buttons such as for LinkedIn profile, Github or a personal website.

In case you have a professional photo, add it. I know that some HR professionals prefer a CV with a photo, and some not. The main idea is to use only a professional one. Avoid using selfies or a photo where you are with somebody else, your face is not visible etc.

  • About

This section is your chance to introduce yourself in several accurate sentences. It is a place where to summarize what have you done in your professional life so far, your current and future plans or goals.

In case you are unsure how to think about this section google the term – Elevator Pitch.

  • Work experience and Education

First go education if you still study suppose you have less work experience.

Do not forget to mention anything interesting about your education – diploma thesis, study abroad etc.

For work experience try to write down your major agenda for each job position. These questions may help you. What are your responsibilities? Do you work with any computer program? What have you learnt so far? What have become better thanks to your contribution? Do not take it as a place to state all the tasks but rather the competencies that the job has given to you.

My experience with students that some of them think that work experience can be gained only through temporary jobs or part-time/full-time jobs. Actually, there are far more ways such as school projects, competitions, non-profit projects, internships, volunteering, students organizations … All these are potential source of experience which can be translated into competencies such as teamwork, programming skills, and ability to communicate with customers etc.

  • Language and computer skills

Your language skills should be transformed according to Common European Framework into A1 … C2 level. You can also add that you are currently learning that language, have got a certificate or you know for instance technical or academic German. 

Computer skills cover all programming languages, graphic skills, managing of social media, WordPress, Canva, Prezi etc. I have heard some opinions that it is quite old fashioned to add MS Office as everybody knows how to use these tools, but I think it applies mainly to students. 

  • Volunteering, awards, projects, hobbies …

Volunteering is a worthwhile experience that shows your openness to help without a financial reward and also your motivation to work on yourself in your free time. Tutoring, doing the Award, having an Instagram profile about ecology … Projects mean for instance your personal blog and such. 

I do personally like hobbies in CVs because I see it as a way for an icebreaker at a job interview and the possibility to find what we have in common after you are successfully hired to the company. 

Online tools for creating a CV:

I recommend FlowCV, enhanCV or CV forms in Canva.

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